Jutta Curatolo architecture

Jutta Curatolo‘s love for photography stems from a number of aspects that are seemingly polar opposites. Photos can be, hands-down, the most accurate representation of a moment from the past; yet they can also be tweaked and manipulated in terms of aesthetics to showcase the photographer’s choices in creative expression. The fact that one medium can seamlessly handle both sides of the spectrum drew Jutta at a young age, and she always enjoys capturing precious moments in the exact style that intrigues her the most. Jutta’s longtime interest in traveling around the world has inspired her to photograph more frequently as well.

In addition to photography, Jutta has a deep passion for helping others. She is a staunch ally of those who suffer from mental disorders and addictions such as drugs and alcohol. She works with a number of organizations to help the disadvantaged, helping provide them with a creative outlet to express their feelings and to socialize and form human connections with others. 

She started her love of volunteerism and a sense of community back while she was still at undergraduate school. There, Jutta served on a number of committees and student-led organizations that were geared towards helping underprivileged children. 

Jutta Curatolo is currently a peer mentor with Turning Point, which is the UK’s major health and social care organization. When she is working there, Jutta Curatolo specializes in supporting people who have major mental health and addiction issues such as bipolar disorder, mood disorders, and schizophrenia. She helps to problem-solve issues like learning how to cope with stress and how to find housing and to communicate with others. 

Chelsea Physic Garden is the oldest-known botanical garden in London. It has been around since 1673. Jutta is an avid gardener, so volunteering her time is a natural fit as it combines two of her passions – helping others and working with plants. She works in the education department where she helps children with special needs visit weekly in order to take part in lessons about practical conservation and gardening sills and tips. She also helps recovering addicts with her gardening therapy. 

Volunteerism is something that Jutta will always make time for. She spent years working with the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute to help entertain and engage with children who had serious illnesses and trust issues. Her work for the Women for Women International group gave her the opportunity to help women in third-world countries who have to face the challenging issues of poverty, war, and other unfathomable social factors every single day. Jutta worked to help these women, both financially and emotionally and she supported them every step along the way as they tried to better themselves through education, while still maintaining a steady means of support for themselves and their families.